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Using only your own body and small props for resistance, focused MatWork is an important foundation in a Pilates training program that creates core strength while strengthening and lengthening the overall muscularity of the body.

Midtown offers Group Class Cards depending on how often you are wanting to find your core strength, increase flexibility, mobilize & stabilize the joints while increasing mobilization in the spine and the body as whole. Plus have a blast while giving your body a great workout! Please note that all of our class cards have expiration dates once the card is purchased.

› 1 class drop in $20/valid for 7 days
› 6 class card $108/valid for 2 months
› 10 class card $160/valid for 3 months
› 20 class card $260/valid for 4 months

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Drop-in $20, 6 class card $108, 10 class card $160, 20 class card $260